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Which Cycle Helmet?

A Bike helmet is headgear intended to be worn for riding a bicycle. They're designed to quash the affect to your skull during a crash. Bicyclists around the world wear their headgear or helmet for protection, particularly in events like long tours, down hill competitions and X games, or even for daily life uses.

There are criteria for picking out a good helmet. Naturally, the helmets need to comply with safety purposes or regulations. There are 4 things bicyclists think of if they would like to buy a helmet. 1st is the cost as it must be affordable. The 2nd element is the fit. Naturally, you would not like to see yourself wearing an unsound helmet. Third, a helmet that heats up and / or does not ventilate is deffo not comfortable, especially for long rides. The fourth aspect is its weight because light helmets are good as you can easily turn your head for seeing the direction or any incoming vehicles and obstacles.

And, by the way, if you’re a cyclist with a cool bicycle, you should also wear a cool helmet, right? Or, it must match with your attire. For example, X Game bikers are usually wearing a marathon helmet that will be really awful in terms of comfort, just for a reason for looking good with their outfit, gear and event. But, the truth is, what helmet companies and producers don’t want you to know is that you'll receive most of the benefits with more inexpensive helmets as you generally do for the more expensive ones. Naturally, the materials that are used for high quality helmets are most likely more expensive and suitable for protection and comfort, unlike for the cheaper helmets. However, expending more money for a superior helmet is worth the price of being supplied with comfort and safety. There are two major types of helmets, the hard shell and the soft or micro shell. Hard shells are, of late, declining rapidly in popularity, and will almost be gone by the end of the decade. However, they remain more well known and used extensively by BMX riders. Three kinds of cycling helmets commonly used are the cross-country type of helmet for cycling as they reduce the air friction so you, in theory, can increase speed in no time and accelerate OK. Second, there's the carbon full-face bicycle helmet that's used for downhill riding and BMX. And, third, the common helmet is used for simple headgear. There are advantages and disadvantages upon wearing a helmet. This is something that many bikers still debate. In some places, like London, helmets for cycling are mandatory and must be worn by bicycle riders for safety. But, for others, it is a cause of a much worse accident. Now, a statistic, the year before cycle helmets were made compulsory in the USA 700 people died on the roads, the year after ONLY 200 died. Still, way too many, but a 60% drop!

Helmets can be purchased from around £15